CIVILISATIONS premieres on BBC Two to critical acclaim

1 Mar 2018

After over 3 years in production, Civilisations finally arrived on TV on Thursday 1st March 2018!

Episode 1 'Second Moment of Creation' presented by Simon Schama, gained more than 2 million viewers on BBC Two and reviews which called the series ...

Sumptuous (The Times)

Punchy ... lyrical (New Statesman)

Extraordinarily ambitious ... boundlessly enthusiastic (Evening Standard)

The BBC has spectacularly and intelligently remade its 1969 hit in a way that reflects shifts in cultural and art historical thinking (The Guardian)

Phenomenal ... uses the latest technological advances to transport and educate ... an insightful, creative challenge to the 'patriotic' mindset (iNews)

This, like the others to come in the series, was a personal view, passionately put, and a grand start to what promises to be a TV work of art. (The Express)

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