Australia: The Story of US

The world is full of amazing stories about our history

Project details

An 8-part series created by Essential Media

More than 40,000 years in the making, AUSTRALIA THE STORY OF US is an extraordinary narrative about the people, places and events which have shaped our nation from the first footprints on our continent to the present day.

Using astounding visual sequences, the ground-breaking drama documentary series weaves together stories of our origins and offers an original thesis about how we came to create the homeland we inhabit today. Alongside amazing CGI and innovative filming techniques, the series features interviews with important thinkers, notable celebrities and iconic national figures who take us inside the stories that have influenced our history.

Australia picked up the format, following a UK version for BSkyB. Meanwhile, a global version – Mankind The Story of All of Us (pictured above) – has aired in more than 35 territories.

“The world is full of amazing stories about our history,” said Root. “It’s really exciting to be able to bring to life the incredible story of Australia, and we’re looking forward to seeing the format tell the story of other great nations around the world.”

AUSTRALIA THE STORY OF US was the 10th highest rated show on Seven network.





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