Nat Geo announces our newest series, Limitless!

17 Jan 2020

Thor star Chris Hemsworth is to front a science series for Nat Geo from the producers behind One Strange Rock.


The actor will host Limitless from Jane Root’s Nutopia and Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures. The series will ask questions such as what if aging is not inevitable or what if it’s a disease that can be cured.


The commission was announced by Hemsworth via video at the Winter TCA press tour.


The series will capture Hemsworth’s mission to discover how to live healthier, smarter and longer lives. Hemsworth aims to transform himself by training for six extraordinary challenges, showing how to fight aging at every stage of life.


“Basically, I was somehow convinced to volunteer myself as a human guinea pig and endure a series of mental and physical challenges across the globe, all for the sake of science,” said Hemsworth. “We’re hoping to shed some light on new ideas and emerging science with the focus on extending a healthy life span. Production starts soon, so wish me luck.”

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