King Of Christmas Lights

Extreme Christmas decorating

Project details

This film explores the world of extreme Christmas decorating, meeting three of the UK's most obsessive, eccentric and lovable people who simply live for adorning their houses in festive regalia every year.

Throwing a spotlight on what Christmas means in contemporary Britain, this Cutting Edge film looks at what motivates people to cover their houses in swathes of Christmas cheer year-upon-year. Are these twinkly lights-enthusiasts in fact the last bastions of community and Christmas spirit?

This heart-warming, quirky and entertaining film offers both an eye-popping spectacle and also an insight into the true motives, relationships under strain, households pitted against their neighbours in a bid to make their decorations outshine all others, and whole communities united in their desire to light up the night's sky.

King Of Christmas Lights dings many more merry seasonal dongs than you'd expect from a documentary about house decoration. Guardian





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