Think You Know?

Brian Unger takes the audience on an exclusive insider's tour of some of America's best-known cities.

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Project details

Brian Unger uncovers the quirkiest facts and secrets of our top holiday destinations in a fact-fueled blast that takes the audience on an exclusive insider’s tour of some of America’s best known cities and favorite holiday destinations.

Host Brian Unger takes viewers behind the scenes to uncover the quirkiest facts and best kept secrets of the places you thought you knew. He’ll uncover intriguing stories and jaw dropping details on everything from the origins of local delicacies, to the true stories that lie behind some of our best loved landmarks. Along the way we’ll meet in-the-know locals who will give us a smart take on the real stories of their city, satisfying our natural curiosity and taking us down some unexpected avenues. Think You Know will investigate the very best of every location’s eccentricities- giving us the lowdown on viral videos, unusual attractions and urban myths. Stunning aerials and dynamic street level filming will deliver an immersive adventure through each of our locations while buzzy graphics will serve up fun facts and mind-blowing figures.

Sometimes trivial, sometimes serious, but always interesting; Think You Know? is the opposite of a tourist guidebook – it’s a fun filled adventure full of unexpected turns, awesome facts and off the wall stories.



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