The ’90s Greatest

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The '90s Greatest is a 10-part, fun-packed, nostalgia-filled series for National Geographic that features interviews with some of the decades’ favourite celebrities - looking at the greatest moments from the decade of sex, celebrity and scandal!


When the ‘90s kicked off, the Berlin Wall had just fallen and, across the nation, other walls were coming down – between public and private, news and entertainment, reality and fantasy. The lines were blurred like never before.


The birth of reality TV wildly distorted the boundary between fact and fiction; news turned into entertainment, and everyday life played out as high drama. Shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern ruled the airwaves, whilst on TV, the Jerry Springer Show let ordinary people make their most outrageous personal stories public. And the flip-side - the brutal beating of Rodney King, the raw violence of the LA Riots and the celebrity circus of the OJ Simpson trial - unfolded in real time in front of the TV audience.


The winds of change brought new voices speaking hard truths to the forefront, and thrust sex and celebrity into the limelight. The AIDS crisis forced America to talk about sex and the floodgates opened. With porn finding its way into the mainstream, Evangelical Christians mount a nationwide abstinence movement, while the President found himself embroiled in the biggest sex scandal of the decade.


With an increasing hunger for scandal, America’s fascination with celebrities and gossip teeters on the brink of becoming a dangerous obsession. An explosion of new channels, magazines and websites creates an unprecedented appetite for content, with no story considered off-limits and tragedy seemingly inevitable.


The birth of the internet fueled this tabloid obsession, heralding a new era of mass information, and misinformation. The world became more connected than ever before, but with unforeseen consequences.


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