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The ‘80s Greatest

The '80s Greatest is a 10-part, fun-packed, nostalgia-filled series for National Geographic

Featuring interviews with some of the decades’ favourite celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Michael J Fox, David Hasselhoff and Joan Collins.

In this series, we revisit the greatest moments from America’s decade of decadence -- kicking off with the 1980 Olympic hockey game that became known as ‘the Miracle on Ice’, when a plucky team of American amateurs defeated the mighty Soviet Union – giving America its swagger back after years of recession. Out went Carter, and in came Reagan – the man who would come to define the decade. From the creation of the yuppie, to the rise of Gordon Gekko and even the smash hit series Dynasty - everything went big… from shoulder pads to bank balances.

Huge passion led to huge profit, and amidst an explosion of luxury brands and unbridled credit, we splashed the cash like there was no tomorrow. Ronald Reagan fought for conservative values, Madonna didn’t, we all wanted to know who shot J.R. and we watched everything play out on brand new cable networks MTV and CNN – networks that changed the face of television forever.

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