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Mankind: The Story of All of Us

A 12-part series that brings to life our shared human story

Today, 7 billion humans cram into 7 continents. More people have lived in the last one hundred years than in the entire history of mankind put together. We are richer than ever before; we live 3 times longer than our early ancestors; technology benefits our lives in ways we could not have imagined just decades ago. We can travel at supersonic speeds, talk instantly round the globe, probe the depths of space and the inner workings of Nature; we have unraveled the secrets of our past, of life itself.

The extraordinary world we inhabit, we have built through our incredible ingenuity, creativity, skill, adventure and sheer guts.

This is the story of how we did it. It is the story of who we are.  It is the Story of All of Us.

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